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I came up with the idea for the transgender flag a few years ago. At the time I did not know of any other flag designs. The design was created for TG pride. another reson I made the flag is that most cross dressers are not gay. If they use the rainbow flag people will think they are gay. The colors on the flag are from top to bottom. Pink, light purple, medium purple, dark purple, and blue. The pink and the blue represent male and female. The 3 purple stripes represent the diversity of the TG community as well as genders other than male and female. The flag is public domain. There are no copyrights on it. All I ask is that you not take credit for my work. I hope to see it a pride parades. Feel free to turn it into flags, stickers, pins, patches etc. You can also use the graphics on my site. Or you can make your own. Feel free to alter my graphics. The one I usually work form is the plain flag. Every other queer group has a flag and now so do we. If you put the flag on your site I would appreciate a link so people can find out about the flag. If you put the flag on your site and a link back to this site I can put a link to your site here.